Hormone Pellets

May 1, 2018


Hormone Pellets

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If you have ever tried to know about the hormone replacement therapy Denver, you must have heard about the hormone pellets. Hormone pellets are actually biologically identical to the hormones that are present in the human body. These hormones are derived from sources such as yams and soybean, concentrated, pressed and fused into tiny cylinders that are as small as a grain of rice. These cylinders are then implanted under the skin of the patient during the bioidentical hormone therapy Denver. The upper buttock area is usually the preferred area to implant the hormone pellets in a human body.

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Advantages of using Hormone Pellets

Hormone Pellets are the preferred version over other oral or topical treatments for many reasons. The pellets allow only a slow and steady release of hormones in the body which is administered over a long period of 4 months. This helps to avoid any kind of hormone peaks that have been noticed otherwise in cases of oral dosage or topical treatments. Since these are identical to the human hormones, there are no possible risks of formation of blood clots which is common in any traditional hormone therapy Denver.

Minor side effects of Pellet Therapy

Even though the hormone pellets are bio-identical and biodegradable, get completely absorbed in the body and do not leave a residue, they can have minimal side effects. Some of the patients have complained of discomfort in breast or tenderness in nipples. However, this can disappear in a few weeks. There have been a very few complaints where the site of implantation gets mildly affected or is inflamed. In other cases, the use of hormone pellets Denver results in growth in facial hair, mild acne has also been reported which can be treated by making alterations in the dosage that is prescribed to the patient.

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