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  • Gooseneck trailers are those that have a coupler mounted above the bed of tow vehicles such as a pickup truck or a flat deck. This trailer is not everyone’s typical cup of tea. But it does offer a wide range of maneuverability and boasts other advantages. For such several reasons including personal need and taste, it is preferred over other similar trailers like the Bumper Pull trailers.

    gooseneck trailers

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    What are the advantages of a gooseneck trailer?

    • Stability and safety: The gooseneck trailer offers a better and smoother control over the basic operations. It offers a much lower leverage on the tow vehicle that other trailers making it easier to recover from ‘swerving’ action if any were to occur. Because of the way in which they are connected to the tow vehicle, they transfer the lateral pressure, through the truck tires, directly into the ground. So the lateral push is resisted and they can move easily and safely even over curved roads.
    • Ease of maneuverability: If your area has sharp U-turns or is filled with dead-end streets, then the gooseneck trailer is the best choice for such situations. Despite its large size, the turning operations offer more flexibility than other similar models making it popular for use in congested areas.
    • Fifth wheel connections: This trailer also has the ability to adapt to a fifth wheel connection. If done properly, the trailer can then be used to connect a standard truck or tractor that comes with a fifth wheel hitch feature.

    Load transfer and distribution pattern: The transfer and distribution of load and weight from the trailer to the connected tow vehicle is smooth, uniform and uninterrupted if the system is loaded properly. They can effectively handle about 20 to 25% weight transfer which is much higher than the 10 to 15% offered by other standard trailers.

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